Periodic Inspections

The structures have to be checked periodically, following the most up-to-date European safety regulations. Our inspectors are highly qualified to carry out this service.

It is mandatory for equipment used in the company to undergo periodic inspections, as required by the Consolidated Safety Act, Legislative Decree 81/2008.

In particular, the structures produced and installed by Dalmine LS are regulated in compliance with UNI ENI 15635 "Static steel storage systems - Use and maintenance of storage equipment", in place since 2009.

Dalmine LS collaborates with Struttura Service to carry out the inspections.

Struttura Service, thanks to its team of highly qualified and trained inspectors, verifies the storage facilities, certifying the warehouse condition and responding to any maintenance needs. Additionally, in specific cases, it is possible to provide for inspections tailored to individual needs.

Having a periodically inspected warehouse, is not only a legal requirement, but it also ensures the full safety of the facility, avoiding dangerous situations for staff and protecting the value of the stock.



Solution Design.

The design flow is controlled by the company's project managers, who work at the highest professional level: from the customer's initial input, a detailed project proposal is drawn up in accordance with precise regulatory requirements.



Engineers follow the development of the project, ensuring a perfect technical realization.
Once the layout has been defined and the structural calculations are ready, activities are planned for delivery on time and according to an adequate risk analysis.



The Project Managers coordinate all the various stages, from production planning to the organisation of installation and testing: after production and delivery of the order, assembly is planned, followed by load tests and final certified tests.


After-sales service.

Structures must be inspected periodically, following the most up-to-date European safety standards. Our inspectors are highly qualified to provide this type of service.


Dalmine Logistic Solutions between the "1.000 imprese champions".

We are proud to announce that on 4 May 2023 our Company was included among the 1,000 best performing Italian companies of the last six years.The study, conducted by italypost and the L'Economia section of Corriere della Sera, was made according to the following criteria:Turnover 2021: between 20 and 500 M€Rating More: «Very good» (BBB-A-AA-AAA)EBITDA last 3 years: ≥11.39%From 1,400,000. Total companies were excluded from state companies, funds, cooperatives, controlled by foreign groups or with consolidated turnover > €700 million. The 1,000 champions companies are the best among the remaining 24,000.A heartfelt thanks to all those who, with their commitment, have contributed to achieving this important recognition.

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