Flow analysis and customised solution design, according to need, and for different Load Units to be stored or handled, thanks to extensive expertise, technical accuracy and creativity

 Dalmine LS is the key partner for your warehouse!

Complexity in logistics flows and strong supply chain digitalisation have increased the attention paid to the choice of storage solutions.

Dalmine LS is a hub of logistics solutions capable of identifying and responding to the needs of its customers, supporting their current and future objectives.

From design to production and installation, the company identifies the most efficient and performing solution in terms of:

  • Time between identification of the need and implementation;
  • Reliability of the solution and minimized maintenance costs;
  • Easy integration and addition of new functions, increasing the availability of future developments;
  • ROI optimisation;
  • Portability of the system to protect the value of the investment.

Dalmine LS is the key partner for implementing and enhancing your logistics space.



Solution Design.

The design flow is controlled by the company's project managers, who work at the highest professional level: from the customer's initial input, a detailed project proposal is drawn up in accordance with precise regulatory requirements.



Engineers follow the development of the project, ensuring a perfect technical realization.
Once the layout has been defined and the structural calculations are ready, activities are planned for delivery on time and according to an adequate risk analysis.



The Project Managers coordinate all the various stages, from production planning to the organisation of installation and testing: after production and delivery of the order, assembly is planned, followed by load tests and final certified tests.


After-sales service.

Structures must be inspected periodically, following the most up-to-date European safety standards. Our inspectors are highly qualified to provide this type of service.

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