Hanging garments

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Hanging garment racks are the answer to the needs of the fashion world, where products must be moved efficiently and in the air, respecting their preservation characteristics.

Dalmine LS can configure racking for hanging garments both traditional or equipped with special trolleys on rails. Traditional hanging garment storage involves racking aisles in which operators move by means of vertical order pickers or on overhead walkways to complete picking or storing. The trolley system, on the other hand, uses rails to move the hanging garments. This system is commonly used to service multi-storey shelving or mezzanines and can be manual, when the operator pushes the trolleys along the rails, or automated, when the movement is motor-driven.

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Tailor-made Solutions

We design tailor-made solutions to respect the storage characteristics of the products, such as spacing and rubbing on the ground.

Integrable Solutions

Our racks can be integrated with different garment handling systems.


The Hanging Garment System can be integrated with other storage solutions.

Case Studies

Our projects are the proof


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Hanging Garment Racking and Order Picking

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Fabiana Filippi

Multi-Storey Racking for Storage of Hanging and Flat-packed Garments

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In-depth study
The garment-hanging systems are designed and produced for all the sector related to fashion industry to efficiently manage the load units. The racking systems can be implemented with traditional, semi-automatic and automatic material handling systems in accordance with Customer’s logistical needs.  
Dalmine LS garment-hanging racking systems allow an efficient storage to manage the logistical tense flows.

How garment-hanging racks work

Normally, garment-hanging racking systems are composed of traditional racks and tubulars where the load units are hung up. In this case, the operators use order pickers to carry out picking activities.
In accordance with storage needs, the warehouses are often configurated with multi-tier shelving or mezzanines equipped by trolleys on rails and different type of automation. The trolleys can move the single load units or a group of them. The material handling system can service the walkway levels, connect each one or move the goods in the level area.
The racking systems can be complemented by integrating continuous or alternating shelves for the storage of bulk goods, accessories, and small parts.
Furthermore, according to load units needs (such as load capacity, distance between the garment, preservation etc.) the racking systems guarantee the best flows, loading and/or picking activities management, in order to obtain ergonomic workstations.

The advantages of hanging garments racks

Nowadays, when the flows are tense and there is a high rotation index, it’s become fundamental to optimize the supply chain.
Among the main advantages of hanging garments racks, there are:
  • Integration with different systems of material handling
  • Integration with warehouse management systems
  • Preservation of the load units, considering requirements regarding the distancing and rubbing on the floor
  • Performing solution based on load capacity
  • Flexible and scalable solution, in accordance with space, load and storage needs
  • Traditional configuration integration with different level of automation.

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