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Cantilever racking is the perfect solution for storing long parts and for storing different types of LUs at the same time.

The Cantilever, which can be configured as single- or double-sided, is composed of columns and projecting arms on which the goods can be positioned. This type of racking is particularly suitable for storing long items such as pipes, boards, profiles, plates, even in picking contexts.

The wide range of available configurations and accessories of Dalmine LS provides for many different types of structures. Thanks to special shelves, continuous shelves can be obtained, thus including the possibility of storing small packages. Also, the Cantilever racking can be placed on mobile bases in order to further increase
the floor space.

Dalmine LS offers two main solutions.

Heavy Cantilever Racking:

Heavy storage units;
Handling by means of forklift trucks, stacking cranes;
Single-sided or double-sided.

Light Cantilever Racking:

Light storage units;
Manual handling;
Single-sided or double-sided;
Load capacity up to 2200 kg per shelf.

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Tailor-made Solutions

We adjust load levels according to customer needs.

Customized Sizing

We size and design the racking system according to individual storage needs.


We manufacture cantilevers for automated warehouses.


We manufacture self-supporting cantilever racks.

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