Picking racks for order picker

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Picking racking is the solution for manually picking and allocating load units (e.g. cartons, totes, hanging garments and loose material) taking advantage of the height of the warehouse.
As they reach several metres in height, the picking racks produced by Dalmine LS are highly flexible: the height, load capacity and configuration of the structure are designed to suit the individual needs of the customer and the material handling system.

Our picking racks provide for the storage of SKUs by means of continuous shelves or alternating tiles. Based on the type of goods stored, Dalmine LS identifies the most efficient solution for easy handling of the goods.

The shelving, designed and built by Dalmine LS, is equipped with frames that enable the use of man-on-board order pickers.

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Tailor-made Solutions

The continuous or alternating shelves allow the racking to be structured according to needs, with the possibility of future integrations.


Our shelving is made of Sendzimir galvanized steel which ensures product durability and unalterability.

Modular Solutions

Our shelving can be designed according to the handling system chosen.

Case Studies

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In-depth study

Picking Racks and Order Pickers

Picking with a vertical order picker, despite the growing popularity of material handling technologies, is still a major player in the world of logistics.
Picking racking allows the storage of parcels and small parts, as well as medium-heavy loads of various sizes or bulk material, load units that can be accessed by the operator using a vertical order picker. This particular type of truck transports the operator up to the height required to proceed with the retrieval and/or loading operations of the ULs. As a result, picking racking serviced with vertical order pickers allows maximum exploitation of the height and space of the warehouse.
Picking racking also provides a high degree of selection, as the operator can directly access the single reference and is the ideal solution for storing goods with a medium turnover.
Picking racking with vertical order picker responds to the needs of the e-commerce world, which requires the retrieval of a single item and the processing of order lines within a particularly short timeframe.
Dalmine LS picking racks can be set up with continuous or alternating shelves, responding to different storage needs. For example, if it is necessary to meet the 50% empty-full standard for the storage of a particular type of goods, alternating tiles are the winning solution.

The Advantages of Order Picking Racks

The main advantages of using order picking racking include:

  • Possible storage of both standard load units (containers, boxes) and non-standard load units (bulk material, small parts, bulky items, etc.);
  • Full exploitation of the warehouse height;
  • Excellent selection standards, thanks to direct access to each single unit;
  • Storage of a high number of medium turnover references;
  • Flexibility: height, capacity and configuration of the structure are sized according to the customer's individual needs and the material handling solution.


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