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The Dalmine LS multi-level shelving system is the ideal solution for storing a large number of references in intensive picking contexts, allowing operators to work at the same time on all levels. When handling a large number of items, flows can be further optimized with the use of automatic handling equipment, such as package conveyors or trolleys on rails.

By exploiting the heights of the warehouse with a multi-storey racking system, the available floor space is extended according to the number of walkway levels, connecting the various levels by stairs and lifts.

Multi-storey racking is also very flexible. They can be configured according to the space available, extended and integrated with various means of handling. Thanks to its versatility, this system is suitable for all sectors, from spare parts to fashion.

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Modular Solutions

Our racking systems are easily expandable and can be integrated with various handling or servicing systems, both traditional and automatic.


Our multi-storey racking systems can integrate different safety systems, depending on the customer's needs.

Space Optimisation

Our multi-storey racking can be built on top of mezzanines.

Load Capacity

Our racking systems achieve very high load capacities.

Case Studies

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Pallet Racking and Mezzanine Serviced with Conveyors

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La Giovane

Multi-Storey Rack

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