Mobile racks for packages and folders

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The mobile shelving system is the winning solution for optimising the space dedicated to storing load units such as books, files, boxes and registers in manual picking conditions. Dalmine LS mobile shelving system for parcels consists of mobile shelves mounted on special mobile bases that slide on rails embedded in the floor and is the ideal solution for low-turnover warehouses. The sliding of the mobile shelving, which allows the aisles to open, can be configured in manual, manual-mechanical and automatic modes.

The manual system is the ideal solution when you need a small storage space in which to store goods, as the operator, using special handles, moves the individual aisles.

The mechanical system, being moved by chains and handwheels that make it easy to move the structure, is the ideal solution for storing heavier and bulkier items.

The automatic handling involves the use of motors controlled by a remote with which the operator manages the opening and closing of the aisles, and it enables the storage of heavy goods.

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