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Dalmine LS has designed a gravity racking system consisting of racks configured in tunnels equipped with roller lanes. The slope of the lanes ensures that the load units slide according to LIFO or FIFO criteria, also known as counter-slope. At the end of each lane are the stop rollers which ensure controlled sliding of the pallets. Furthermore, loading and unloading operations, normally carried out by forklift trucks, can be automated with the use of AGVs (Automated Guided Vehicles) or LGVs (Laser Guided Vehicles).

In addition to significantly reducing handling times, the gravity racking system is the winning solution for high turnover and continuous flow warehouses, e.g. for expiring goods.

Compact lanes and elimination of aisles in the gravity racking system make it possible to maximize the floor space by up to 60%.

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The racks are made of galvanized steel, which ensures optimum product durability even at refrigerated temperatures.

Integrable solutions 

Our Gravity Racks can integrate any type of roller conveyor.


We can integrate Gravity Racks with other storage systems.

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