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The Dalmine LS shuttle racking system, which can be configured in LIFO or FIFO mode, is equipped with special guides that act both as a support for the pallets and as a sliding lane for the shuttle.

With this system, the LUs are moved using the shuttle, which is operated either automatically (in combination with the WMS) or manually (via remote control), thus ensuring high productivity and safety. The shuttle racking system is the intensive/accumulation storage solution that ensures the maximisation of floor space combined with high productivity, while reducing internal paths.

The system, normally served by forklifts, can also be implemented with automated handling systems, such as LGVs (Laser Guided Vehicles) or AGVs (Automatic Guided Vehicles). Moreover, a warehouse equipped with shuttle racking is a scalable investment: it is possible to start the system with a reduced number of shuttles and then increase it should it be necessary to increase productivity.

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Productive flexibility

Thanks to the flexibility of the production lines, our racking can integrate the shuttles of different system integrators.

Tailor-made solutions

We design tunnels capable of responding to the customer's depth requirements.


Our shelving is made of hot-dip galvanized Sendzimir steel, which ensures the product's excellent durability.

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Seismic-Resistant Shuttle Rack

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Shuttle Rack

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Pallet Racking, Shuttle and Drive-In

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Shuttle Rack

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In-depth study

A shuttle racking system is the ideal accumulation storage system, combining selectivity and warehouse flow rationalisation. When faced with the need to optimize floor space, flows and to manage several different references, a shuttle racking system ensures excellent performance. Satellite racking can be configured in LIFO (Last-In-First-Out) or FIFO (First-In-First-Out) mode.

Shuttle racking: between speed and space optimisation

Shuttle racking is an intensive storage system consisting of tunnels in which load units are stored in multiple depths on different load levels. The depth of the tunnels can reach over 40 metres for each loading level, thus ensuring a high accumulation of pallet spaces.
All operations start with the satellite being stored (by forklift truck) inside the intended storage tunnel. 
During loading operations, the operator lays the pallet on the shuttle and via tablet activates the loading operation moving the ULs to the intended location. During unloading operations, the satellite brings the pallet back to the tunnel head to allow picking by the operator. 
The travel speed of the shuttle exceeds 90 metres per minute (unloaded), which is reduced by half when loaded. The benefits in terms of reduced storage and retrieval times are quite clear.
Thanks to the semi-automatic handling and the close synergy with the warehouse management system, the shuttle systems ensure high standards of precision.
Moreover, shuttle racking systems represent a scalable investment: as the number of operations required increases, it will be sufficient to increase the number of satellites used. Productivity can be enhanced by using handling equipment such as LGV (Laser Guided Vehicles) or AGV (Automatic Guided Vehicles) trolleys.

Satellite racking: all the advantages

  • High selectivity per tunnel: each tunnel of the shuttle racking corresponds to the storage of a specific reference;
  • Time optimisation: the speed at which the satellite moves enables fast operations; 
  • Space optimisation: as this is an accumulation storage system with tunnels that can be more than 40 metres deep, the storage capacity is greatly increased;
  • Scalability: the shuttle racking system adapts perfectly to the company changing needs; increasing the number of satellites provides better performance; 
  • Versatility: it is possible to configure the shuttle racking according to the LUs being stored;
  • Versatility: it is possible to configure the shuttle racking according to the LUs stored; 
  • Shuttle racking can be installed in environments with temperatures as low as -30°C.


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