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Pallet racking system

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Dalmine LS pallet racking is suitable for storing pallets of different sizes and weights, where several operators can work at the same time. Configuring a pallet racking system makes it possible to maintain a high level of selectivity. This solution is typical for warehouses involving a large number of items, where access to a single allocation space is necessary.

The possibility of being integrated with traditional or automatic handling systems, as well as the many possible configurations, make the Dalmine LS pallet racking a flexible storage solution. Tiles, parachute crossbars, plastic or steel protections are just some of the accessories available to modulate the system according to your needs, also integrating shelves for picking.

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The double set of beams hooks on each upright guarantees the safety of the structure.

Tailor-made solutions

We design and manufacture racks for any requirement: double-deep storage of LUs, storage of non-standard LUs (drums, coils, long bodies, furniture, etc.).

Production engineering

The production of the components of our shelving is the result of our engineering know-how (automated profiling and assembly, production system that guarantees constant precision, production speed, continuous availability of the various items).


Non-invasive maintenance of the entire structure against periodical inspections.

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In-depth study

Despite the growing popularity of material handling technologies, pallet racking remains the most common storage system for palletised goods of all sizes and weights. Pallet racking is the best performing universal solution for direct access to each pallet, while managing a high number of references. This ensures a high level of selectivity. The most common configuration is multi-location storage with 2-3-4 pallets per bay, with aisle width adjusted accordingly. 
Metal pallet racking is also suitable for storing heavy and bulky loads and allows several operators to work simultaneously. Flexibility and a relatively low investment cost have made this system essential for storage and handling.

Pallet racking: the versatile and scalable solution

Dalmine LS offers the opportunity to integrate pallet racking with traditional or automatic handling systems. The many different possible configurations make this choice a highly flexible and scalable storage solution.
Thanks to the production flexibility of Dalmine LS, it is possible to adapt the racking to meet the changing logistics requirements. The construction characteristics of the Dalmine LS metal pallet racking enable the integration of picking activities. The use of continuous or alternating tiles makes it possible to store and retrieve single packages while retaining palletised stock on the upper levels.
Tiles, depth beams, plastic or steel protections, pallet stoppers and nets are just some of the accessories available to customise the industrial pallet racking system and adapt it to your specific needs. All of these accessories and safety devices ensure the smooth running of the warehouse and minimise damage to the racking. 

Why choose industrial pallet racking? Here are the advantages

Pallet racking is the perfect tool for providing flexibility and high performance to warehouses in all industrial sectors, but let's take a closer look at some of the benefits that this solution can bring to companies:

  • Industrial pallet racking provides optimal storage control, with a compartment reserved for each pallet;
  • Very easy access and possibility for several operators to intervene simultaneously;
  • Fast and safe loading and unloading of the pallet racking system;
  • Customised configuration based on the Customer's logistics needs, with the possibility of future integration; 
  • This solution can be integrated with automatic handling systems (AGV or LGV trucks);
  • Non-invasive maintenance of the metal pallet racking can be carried out following periodic inspections;
  • Dalmine LS industrial pallet racking is certified, designed to suit the individual needs of each Customer and to resist over time;
  • Our shelving is made of Sendzimir hot-galvanised elements to ensure the durability of the structures even in the most aggressive environments.

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