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The Dalmine LS mobile shelving system, mounted on mobile bases that run on rails embedded in the floor, is the ideal solution for making the most of available space while maintaining high standards of selectivity.

The management of the aisles, sized according to the specifications of the handling and storage systems, can be carried out thanks to the compactable shelving in automatic mode (combined with WMS) or manual mode (via remote control).

Particularly used in temperature-controlled environments, mobile racking allows intensive storage of goods while maintaining stock traceability.

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Integrable solutions

Our racking can be mounted on different mobile bases.

Temperature Controlled

Our shelving, being made of Sendzimir galvanized steel, is also suitable for temperature -controlled or refrigerated environments (from -40° to + 40°).


Perfect integration with various warehouse management systems (WMS/ERP).

In-depth study

Mobile racking consists of a system of pallet racks mounted on a series of mobile guided bases that run along a system of built-in floor rails. This type of racking provides one access aisle only, compacting the others, thus minimising the surface area occupied and optimising the space inside the warehouse. Mobile racking is the ideal solution for storing low to medium turnover products and for intermediate or dispatch warehouses.

How Do Mobile Pallet Racks Work?

Mobile pallet racking systems are generally composed of single-deep or double-deep racking, followed by double-deep mobile racking. As with traditional pallet racking, a multi-position configuration with 2-3-4 pallets per bay is quite common. As far as load levels are concerned, there are no limits on the height of the racking.

The shelving units mounted on a mobile base are fitted with wheels: a chain conveys the power, reducing the movement so that, even under extreme weight, the force applied is minimal. The rail mechanism enables a single aisle to be opened when needed, while keeping the others closed. The mobile bases are fitted with motors, electronic devices and safety systems that guarantee extremely safe operation both for the operators and for the storage of the unit loads.
The aisles opening is operated by remote control or by a button on the front of the mobile base. Once the required aisle has been opened, the operator can access the specific load unit and proceed to load or unload it. Mobile pallet racking therefore guarantees high selectivity standards as well as an increase in storage capacity of up to 80%.
The mobile metal racking system is also particularly effective in areas where space requirements can be complex to manage, such as in small spaces or temperature-controlled and refrigerated environments.

Mobile Industrial Shelving: increasing warehouse capacity and more

Mobile racking is suitable for any environment, including temperature-controlled or refrigerated environments. The mobile bases can be installed in areas with temperatures ranging from - 40°C to + 40°C.
The use of mobile racking is particularly suitable for refrigerated cells: advantages are obtained in terms of energy savings by compacting the storage area to the maximum, thus reducing the cost per pallet.
Eliminating the unnecessary space occupied does not mean reducing the performance of a warehouse: industrial mobile shelving guarantees the highest standards of product selectivity and high operational quality.

The Advantages of Mobile Metal Shelving

  • Optimisation and maximum use of space, with space savings of up to 50%;
  • Significant increase in storage capacity, up to 80%;
  • Compact industrial shelving is ideal for cold rooms, both refrigerated and frozen;
  • Great flexibility in adjusting to the needs of any environment and type of goods; 
  • Direct access to each pallet with maximum selectivity;
  • Reduced operating and energy costs;
  • Possibility of reusing mobile metal racking;
  • A simple, safe and effective system;
  • Mobile pallet racking is the ideal solution even for small spaces;
  • High resistance to seismic events.



The use of mobile, compactable racking allows an increase in storage capacity of up to 80%.



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