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Drive-in racking is the ideal intensive storage solution for managing a small number of references. Dalmine LS has designed a solution characterised by special guides on which the handling vehicle deposits the pallet once it has entered the aisle. Drive-in racking, which is commonly configured in Li-Fo (Last In-First Out) mode, can also be configured as Fi-Fo (First in-First Out) or drive-through.

It can also be integrated with automatic handling systems such as AGVs (Automatic Guided Vehicles) or LGVs (Laser Guided Vehicles).

Particularly used in the storage of similar products, such as seasonal goods, drive-through racking allows space optimisation, high productivity and a reduction in internal paths.

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Tailor-made solutions

The aisles we build are sized in depth according to the customer's requirements.


The use of hot-dip galvanized steel (Sendzimir) guarantees the durability of the racking and its versatile use in various product sectors.


Our shelving structures, thanks to special pin/bolt  locking systems, prevent the shelf from disengaging, guaranteeing high safety standards.

Customized Dimensions

Our drive-in racking can be configured for pallets of any size or weight.

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Pallet Racking, Shuttle and Drive-In

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Drive-in Racking: Optimising Space

The drive-in racking system is an intensive multi-depth storage solution. The racking system is made up of aisles with different load levels: the trucks enter the aisles carrying the unit load above the required storage level and deposit it on the pallet support profiles.
Drive-in racking can be configured in LiFo mode, i.e. picking from one side only, or FiFo (also called drive-through), i.e. picking from both sides.
Drive-in warehouses are the ideal solution for handling a small number of references: selection is by aisle and therefore, it is possible to handle as many references as there are storage aisles.
Drive-in warehouses are also particularly suitable for storing seasonal goods, which are generally characterised by large quantities and long dwell times in the warehouse. On a wider scale, drive-in racking is extremely efficient for the storage of homogeneous and medium/low-turnover products, even within temperature-controlled, refrigerated or frozen areas.
Drive-in warehouses are a modular and scalable storage solution: performance can be enhanced by using automated guided vehicles such as AGVs (Automatic Guided Vehicles) or LGVs (Laser Guided Vehicles). 

Why choose drive-in racking?

Installing a drive-in warehouse optimises the floor space, warehouse volumes and internal routes. Here is a detailed look at the main advantages of adopting this system:
  • Removal of unnecessary operating aisles for the maximum exploitation of the available area and volume of the warehouse;
  • Compact and cost-effective storage thanks to space optimisation;
  • LiFo or FiFo mode configuration depending on flows;
  • Ideal for seasonal articles and large quantities of slow-moving homogeneous products; 
  • Scalability: employing automatic handling systems, such as LGVs (Laser Guided Vehicles) increases performance


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