Wall and roof panels are fixed to the profiles cold rolled from galvanized steel sheets. The frames columns with 100-120 and 140 mm width are able to reach 40 m of height well resisting to dead and seismic loads.

High bay warehouse silo racks

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Self-supporting warehouse rack is the symbol of Dalmine LS's design, engineering and production expertise. Their structure is clad with special panels, supported by the self-supporting racking itself, which can be completed with photovoltaic panels in order to make the warehouse self-sufficient in power terms.

As they require less floor space, the self-supporting warehouses make the most of the heights, which can vary from 10 to 40 metres, in full compliance with anti-seismic regulations.

Dalmine LS self-supporting warehouse, being made of hot-dip galvanized steel, is also the ideal solution for temperature-controlled and refrigerated environments.

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From the first self-supporting structure built in the 1970s to today, we have created over 1,000,000 storage spaces in self-supporting warehouses.


We build structures that can integrate any type of automation, working with various system integrators.

Bolted frames

They allow a high production capacity and an excellent on-site space and timing management.

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Self-Supporting Warehouse

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Self-supporting structures, impressive building

The self-supporting warehouses are important engineering project: the stand-alone racking systems, the side walls and roofing are the main components of the building. Due to their complexity, the self-supporting warehouses must respect and meet detailed static and dynamic requirements in observance of building regulations.


Features of self-supporting racking systems

The self-supporting racking systems sustains the weight of themselves, of the stored goods, of the material handling robots and of all the covering elements. Furthermore, the self-supporting structure withstand the external agents such as: snow, wind, seismic forces, etc.
The self-supporting racking systems – thanks their development in height - are suitable to reduce the covered floor area. This type of warehouses usually has heights between 10 and 40 meters: the limits are determined by building regulations and stacker cranes capacity.
Furthermore, as there are not masonry works, the high bay warehouses have a low impact on factory layout.
The self-supporting racking systems, installed on a reinforced concrete foundation, can be designed in single, double or multi depth. According to Customer’s requirements, there are many options regarding aeration, illumination, control or refrigeration of the temperature.


The advantages of self-supporting racks

  • The full racks covering, thanks to sandwich panels, avoids the building construction;
  • The covering of the self-supporting racking systems can be completed with photovoltaic panels in order to make the warehouse self-sufficient in power terms;
  • Exploiting heights and optimising floor space, in compliance with regulations;
  • High productivity and continuity of logistic flows;
  • Perfect integration with traditional warehouses.


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