Automated pallet warehouses

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Dalmine LS automatic pallet racking is a fully automated system that optimises handling times and the continuous logistics processes.  Thanks to these systems, it is possible to monitor the availability of the stored goods and to obtain non-stop loading according to the automation algorithm.

Dalmine LS offers this type of automatic racking as it is able to optimise warehouse space by providing a large number of loading levels. Dalmine LS shelving can be configured with different depths in order to obtain the desired performance according to individual needs:

  • Single-depth automatic shelving to maintain a high degree of selection of the goods stored;
  • Double-depth automatic racking to optimise the floor area by reducing the number of aisles, while maintaining high levels of selectivity;
  • Multi-depth automatic racking to optimise storage when managing a reduced number of SKUs.

As these are closed areas, automatic pallet solutions ensure strict controls over unauthorised personnel access, thus providing high security standards

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Controlled Temperature

We create storage solutions for temperature-controlled or refrigerated environments.


Our racks can be configured to integrate any pallet automation system proposed by many different system integrators.


The height of our racking is limited exclusively by the building, and thanks to our production capacity we can reach 45 metres.

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Automated pallet racking

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Automated pallet warehouses consist of structures and fully automated materials handling and storage systems.
Activities and operations are managed by the Warehouse Management System (WMS) directly interfaced with the Company ERP. The implementation of automated material handling and storage systems reduces the use of traditional forklifts and errors with the increasing of productivity.

Racking and automated handling of pallets

Pallets are the most used load units for storing raw materials, components, finished products. Automated materials handling optimizes the storage, commissioning, and shipping processes specially in case of high throughput.
Automated pallet warehouses are the perfect solution to increase the efficiency of supply chain in terms of performance, accuracy and safety.


Pallet stacker cranes and conveyors 

Stacker cranes are the most used automated machines to store and retrieve pallets. Stacker cranes move pallets in longitudinal and vertical directions up to a height of 40 metres, reaching the right position for the operations to/from the racks. Controls and WMS check the storage optimisations and the perfect execution of the operations.
Conveyor systems move the incoming pallets – once recognized by a barcode and checked by dimensions and weight - to the stacker cranes. Conveyors also transport pallets from the automated warehouse to the picking stations or shipping lines.
Furthermore, pallets can be rejected in a special line in case of errors regarding the size and weight of the load units.


Advantages of automated pallet warehouses 

Thanks to their technical features, the automated pallet storage meets the market requirements for always higher quality and speed. In details the most important advantages are:
  • High speed and precision in operations for a performing supply chain;
  • Fully automated handling with error reduction;
  • Heights and floor area optimizations;
  • Processes continuity and increased productivity;
  • Full stock control and real-time inventory updates;
  • Rapid ROI;
  • Customized and scalable solutions tailored to Customer needs.

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