Automated warehouse for totes and collies

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Dalmine LS offers its customers automated racking solutions for package automation that allow for the massive storage of load units such as totes, trays and small parts by means of shelving structures (shelves or brackets). This guarantees full visibility of the availability of the stored goods and non-stop loading according to the automation algorithm.

With the automated racking system for package automation, there is full visibility of stock and In/Out cycles.

The automation of picking processes makes it possible to use non-stop operation warehouse facilities, according to the goods-to-person principle, with a reduction in internal paths. Items are delivered directly to the picking stations, with high safety standards for pickers and no need to travel. This significantly increases hourly performance thanks to the use of a racking system for package automation.

Automated package solutions also take advantage of the warehouse heights and optimise the floor space, enabling the configuration of a large number of loading levels in single, double or multiple depths.

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Integrable Solutions

The automatic solution can be integrated with various pick-to-light and put-to-light systems.

Tailor-made Solutions

Configuration with shelves or brackets makes it possible to store a wide range of load units.

Space Optimisation

Single, double or multiple depth storage is possible.


Our racks can be integrated with various automation systems: mini-load, skypod, shuttle, etc.

Case Studies

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Pallet Racking and Automated Racking for Packages

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Pallet Racking and Automated Package Racking

Discover the project
In-depth study
The implementation of a new warehouse is a strategic choice to perfectly organize the stored goods and to maintain the flow efficiency.
The automated warehouses for packages are the most efficient solution to meet the current market needs. The explosion of e-commerce has presented companies with many challenges: an increase of handled items, shorter order processing and delivery times, and fluctuation of daily order numbers.


The main components of an automated warehouse for packages

The automated packages warehouses are the most common solution to reach an even more warehouse management efficiency and to simplify the storage process, despite the huge number of handled items.
The main components of an automated warehouse for packages are the metal rack structure, the material handling system, the picking area, and the warehouse management system (WMS) software.
The metal rack structure is usually higher than traditional warehouses, as all operations are carried out by an automated process with no interference of pickers. The racking system can be designed in single, double or multi depth according to company needs.
The material handling robot (stacker crane, shuttle, skypod etc…) operates according to ‘’goods-to-person’’ criteria. The material handling system deposits or withdraws the load units from the picking area - in compliance with WMS information – to serve the warehouse.
Horizontal and vertical conveyors are usually employed in the picking area. The conveyors automatically transport the load units from the warehouse to the operators, ensuring an ergonomic workstation.
The automated packages warehouse allows the process optimization, the productivity increasement and the error reduction related to traditional handling. In fact, thanks to WMS settings, the industrial automated warehouses operate according to detailed sequences.


Automated industrial racks: the advantages

Let's take a look at the main benefits from automated industrial racks:
  • Full automation of all packages handling phases;
  • Fast operations: due to this logistic solution, the picking frequency can be 5 times higher than in a traditional warehouse. Consequently, the order processing times are shorter, and the productivity is higher;
  • More accurate operations: an automated supply chain reduces the error related to traditional handling processes;
  • Vertical expansion and floor optimization: it’s possible to reduce the covered floor area up to 10 times thanks to the compactness of such structures and single, double or multi depth storage;
  • Efficient packages management;
  • Full stock control and real-time inventory updates;
  • Safe workplace for operator, as the access to the automated structure is forbidden;
  • Rapid ROI and costs reduction.

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