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Fragmented product references, modular storage solutions, tense flows


Modular metal racking has come about as a result of the spread of omni-channel models, the sale of all types of products, and the rise of e-commerce, which have led to the downsizing of companies' logistics departments. The increasing number of different items and availability for each one, as well as the storage of articles of different sizes or weights, require the creation of tailor-made logistics solutions. Dalmine LS designs modular metal shelving to meet this type of requirement.

It is essential to create modular solutions, that can be extended or automated, that simplify the picking and storage of the LUs (load units) of any size and turnover. 

In addition, through stock tracking systems, warehouse turnover has increased, making supply chain flows tighter than in the past. Consequently, the design of modular metal racking is one of the winning factors.

We rack the world because...
Modular Systems

We have a wide range of accessories that allow us to configure modular arrangements according to the customer's needs.

Tailor-made solutions

Our racks can be designed to store pallets or packages of any size and weight.

Scalable solutions

We create logistics solutions able to withstand market fluctuations.


We have extensive experience in the sector, as demonstrated by the thousands of warehouse square metres we have built.


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