One-Piece-Flow logics, management of semi-finished products and C-parts, structured logistics systems for a competitive advantage


From metalworking to the construction of large plants, the industrial sector is particularly diverse. At the production level, One-Piece-Flow approaches and the use of stock and warehouse flow traceability systems are widely used in this sector. The supply chain is characterized by particularly heavy SKUs, semi-finished products, small parts and C-Parts that must travel in a coordinated way between storage and production.

Reliable, flexible and logistics systems structured to meet the different requirements are the key to business success.

We rack the world because...

We have provided thousands of storage spaces with a variety of different features.

Tailor-made solutions

We create solutions tailored to individual customer requirements.

Integrated solutions

We provide integrated solutions that are necessary to optimize the material flow.

Wide range of solutions

Our solutions range from manual to automated processes.


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Project for the industry Industrial


Shuttle Rack

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Rubinetterie Bresciane

Self-Supporting Warehouse

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Pallet Racking and Automated Package Racking

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Sit Group

Tailor-Made Solution

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Commer Carta

Automated pallet racking

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