Gravity for packages

Gravity shelving is a gravity racking system for parcels and is the ideal picking solution for medium/high turnover warehouses where productivity in retrieval and flexibility in the storage of different sized LUs are of the utmost importance.  
Dalmine LS gravity racking system for parcels consists of shelving with shelves made up of rollers, whose inclination makes it possible to operate according to the FIFO (First - In - First Out) principle. This solution allows the intensive storage of small packages, while optimizing the picking area and the loading and order preparation times, which can also be automated or implemented with advanced systems (e.g. pick to light). Thanks to the gravity racking, loading and picking of the storage units can be carried out simultaneously and the operators can work at the same time.
The possibility of integration with other storage solutions, the creation of customized configurations and the flexibility of the structure are among the winning elements of the gravity racking solution proposed by Dalmine LS.

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