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At the origin of the two global industrial revolutions, Mass Production and Lean Manufacturing, the automotive industry remains at the forefront of innovation with a constant process of investment to increase performance, making the use of specific automotive racking and other innovative logistics solutions increasingly necessary.

Among these, the automotive pallet racking is certainly one of the most efficient solutions within the automotive sector, suitable for storing even the heaviest products in pallet format, with direct access to each individual platform. Another great advantage of this racking system is also the possibility of organising all the articles by customising and modulating the spaces according to the needs of each customer.

The automotive and component industries today have particularly high performance and complex logistics requirements, with specific SKUs requiring very high load values. Furthermore, assembly lines must be supplied continuously and efficiently. It is therefore essential for modern companies to have an innovative and functional automotive racking system to eliminate stoppages, ensure consistent flows and reduce costs.

In addition to automotive pallet racking, Dalmine LS also offers its most demanding customers a mixed automotive racking model, to offer the highest level of customisation and efficiency. The high performance standards of these systems are guaranteed thanks to the in-depth study of variables such as the volume, quantity and weight of the products, the size of the warehouses available and the distinctive elements of the lifting devices used.

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