Archives, office furniture

Storage of paper LUs, picking activities, medium / low warehouse turnover


Archival shelving is one of the most requested solutions by Dalmine LS customers. Retention, indexing and computerized cataloging of paper documents are among the main activities of companies specializing in document archiving.

The shelving systems for archives organize boxes, books, binders, documents and other types of articles that must be organized according to a rational arrangement meeting  the customer's requirements.

Companies specializing in DPO (Document Process Outsourcing), BPO (Business Process Outsourcing), BPaaS (Business Process as a Service) and Printing Mailing need efficient logistics processes that can support and streamline warehouse activities. At a logistical level, it is therefore necessary to optimize spaces in relation to activities, implement picking solutions able to meet the requests, focusing in particular on future growths. For this reason, the use of well-organized and customized shelving systems for paper archives based on the individual needs of each customer is essential.

We rack the world because...

We have created storage for over 1,300,000 box storage spaces for companies in this sector.

Scalable Solutions

We prepare solutions that can support the customer's future developments.

Wide range of solutions

We offer solutions capable of supporting customer flows: systems with shelves and alternated tiles, multi-level shelving, compactable, pallet racks that can be served by the various means of handling.

Production Flexibility

The production department flexibility assures our customers the timeliness of our supply.


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Pallet racking and perforated shelf structure served by vertical order pickers

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Racks for archives served by vertical order pickers

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Storage shelving

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