Archives, office furniture

Storage of paper LUs, picking activities, medium / low warehouse turnover


Lean approach, specific SKUs, elimination of downtime

Chemical & Pharma

Traceability of products and stocks, management of sensitive products, lead time optimization

Fashion & Textile

Hanging and flat-packed garments, accessories and semi-finished products, management of seasonal peaks, flexible storage systems

Food & Beverage

Controlled temperature storage, respect for shelf life, tense flows


Customer-oriented approach, scalable storage systems, lead time and lead stock optimization

Health & Beauty

Product preservation, temperature-controlled storage, traceability of flows


One-Piece-Flow logics, management of semi-finished products and C-parts, structured logistics systems for a competitive advantage


Coordination between transport and supply/distribution centres, flow continuity, modular storage solutions

Mass Market Retailers

Fragmented product references, modular storage solutions, tense flows

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