If you can imagine it, you can do it

Thanks to this idea Dalmine LS has been able to realize an innovative project that combines efficiency, sustainability, and safety, ensuring at the same time high-quality standards in a more and more competitive market.

The project realized in Potenza plant by Dalmine LS is characterized by high-level of innovation and automation. The revolution consists in a new line for the fully automated production of side plated galvanized welded beams anchored to uprights.
The aim of this project was to face the market requirements: warehouses more and more high compared to the past; and structures often located in seismic zones, controlled temperature, pressing regulations and competitiveness.
“We have decided to invest on pallet racking, the product that still represents the core of supply chain and 3PL. We needed a new product, a beam characterized by high performance in static and lasting terms – explains Andrea Cammi, co-founder and CEO of the company -. Thanks to the technology developed by our R&D department, in collaboration with some partner and research centres, after many years of tests, we are the first Italian and European company able to automatically produce galvanized welded beams. The biggest satisfaction came from the awareness of having introduced an innovation for the entire mechanical manufacturing field in the warehouse world.”
Why did you make such important investment to optimize a product with still high-quality standard?
“We had two exigences: increase the volume and making an ambitious product, with higher standards compared to the past ones for what concerns durability of the components, in line with Dalmine LS’s philosophy, always ready to face new challenges thanks to its innovative DNA.
Innovative DNA
It has been an ambitious challenge for Dalmine LS, faced without any guarantee regarding its success: “We had the precise aim – explains Cammi – to follow the strategy adopted at the beginning of 90’s: manufacture product by Sendzimir hot-dip galvanized steel and at the same time, we were pioneer in this high-risk project. Nowadays we are extremely proud of the realized product: versatile, without painting process, with a longer lifetime due to the use of galvanized steel in the internal part.”
In fact, the welded product usually needs to be painted, but this kind of process has negative consequences regarding costs, environmental impact, operator health and lead time.
Avoiding the painting process, you obtain an environmentally sustainable working process and a faster lead time, with positive effect on the stock availability. These are important advantages if you consider the complex context and the difficulty due to the supplies.
“We are very proud of our teamwork. We work with amazing colleagues, who are always ready to support the company in each challenge. For all of us it has been an intense experience which has requested a huge commitment to all the department and the investment of some millions”.
Tangible results and a potential to express
After a long period of tests, the new production line was installed in the second half of 2021 and started operating in spring 2022. During 6 months of production activity about 200.000 galvanized welded beams have been manufactured and installed. “The majority of the product has been installed in new warehouses; the rest has been integration in existing warehouses. Within the end of the year, we forecast to reach 350.000 units. Between our priority there were the possibility to ensure the compatibility between the new beam and all existing warehouses – clarifies Andrea Cammi – During this short activity time we have improved the competitiveness of more 10%”.
The new generation of beams, “The welded ones”.
The new beams are versatile, ergonomic, and totally made by hot-dip galvanized steel that ensures a better durability of the product. “Following the success of the bolted beam, the new product is more rigid and flexible at the same time – explains Patrick Mazza, Chief Technical Officer – The rigidity sets the product safer and, furthermore, the automated welding process gives more guarantees in terms of safety for the operators than the traditional one. The quality control during the production process analyses the 100% of each weld joint.”
Moreover, the product il suitable for refrigerated warehouses, where usually the manual welded elements are not installed.  
With the new acquired project - states Andrea Cammi – we have achieved important organizational efforts, remarkably in terms of trained and highly specialised staff. We have reached all our targets: improvements of seismic and static parameters, improved ergonomics performances, time saving and degree of production and above all a low environmental impact. We are quicker all points of view; despite we are just at the beginning. With this new project we gave a look into the future by improving our know-how regarding to element-bonds and production process. We can easily imagine future developments we can generate”.

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