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Dalmine Logistic Solutions is headquartered in Piacenza. Production takes place in the factories of Potenza and Graffignana (Italy). The widespread sales network, both in Italy and abroad, allows Dalmine Logistic Solutions to assist customers as an all-around partner.
In its plants, it produces industrial racking for many different applications. Its product range answers to markets' needs: from classical solutions for storage and picking, according to a various charge units range by any kind of size and weight, till automated systems, also self-supporting warehouses

The continual investments made in technology innovation permit Dalmine Logistic Solutions to employ modern, automatic lines, which guarantee a high production capacity to the highest international standards of quality.

Today, Dalmine Logistic Solutions combines the foundation of more than a half-century of excellence of Ponteggi Dalmine with the production skills of Marcegaglia and the engineering expertise of Struttura System.
Ponteggi Dalmine borns in 1947 and within a short time it becomes a leader market in the construction field, by developing the tube/coupler system, which overturns constructive techniques used till this moment. Years of reconstruction see the Firm as a main character with its own structures. Right by the new industrial exigences storage system division borns: it's the first Italian Company active into the branch.
Marcegaglia Group, worldwide player in the field of steel production, takes over the Company in 1999. The Company interest in production brings to fulfill many significative investments in the most advanced productive technologies.
Alongside, many other companies investing in Engineering are blooming and rising up, by providing for the development and realization of any kind of refined machinery for goods storage, Struttura System
The path of both the Companies, working highly on integration, carries on with on the one hand the productive and arranging abilities, on the other hand the planning abilities and also the solutions development ones.
In this background, Dalmine Logistic Solutions' project takes off: a reality which personifies souls and which gives itself at once as new main character in storage system field.


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