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Self-supporting structures are the most representative expression of Dalmine Logistic Solutions’ project and realization capabilities. Just one partner to build-up impressive structures, nowadays protagonist in logistics. The experience concerning these structures started during the Seventy’s.

These systems allows an excellent use of vertical space. The racking supports itself load, unit loads, weathering like wind and snow.

Self-supporting structures are designed around storage needs, despite of storage inside buildings.

Architectural rules are different for building and self-supporting structures, they are considered like equipment. Also about building area itself there are different rules. With this system it is possible realize automated system for pallet or miniload

From the environmental viewpoint, a self-supporting structure allows a better use of the soil because it developes in height. Roofing and wall coverage could be implemented by photovoltaic panels, in order to feed the storage itself. Materials used could be totally recycled, once the structure would be dismissed.

All our constructions are designed following seismec regulations.
We are a whole partner, from design till implementation, our references are our best credential.


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